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"We are a full production company- not just in one realm, but all elements of the creative world."

Marilyn Meertins (Founder)

Produce Music, Performances, Songs, Television and Radio  Shows,
& much more



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"When I was In the world of laboring, I worked many jobs. From the office to the court. From the court to the jail. From the jail to working in the blue collard field. Until God made a shift in my life. I am now joyfully working in God's vineyard, laboring as a reaper of souls, to the glorification to His Son Jesus the Christ. I am now calling myself a fisher of men, where there is no limitation of the gospel of the universal spirituality, and the transformation of the egotistic mind unto the mind of Christ"

Terance Roberts
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It started at the age of 9 as a drummer and playing in neighborhood bands my mother created. Participating in songwriting, concerts and marching bands led to my first record deal with T.E.D.D, straight out of high school. The journey has taken me from the release of the two singles, “Show me how to love/ Can I love you” ,to a record deal with RCA UK. Today I bring my talents of producing, singing, and engineering to Create and Vibrate to share with the world. 

Terance Roberts JR
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Hi I am Michael N Beyond and I am so happy you came to visit our website because one of my favorite things is to do is share creations. I am a web designer for C&V and WWR . Also I help the team program the radio shows for playing on WWR.

As the son of a musician, my earliest memories are of my dad on the stage where I soaked up the environment, and realized the discipline it takes to become a true musician. Music has been with me all of my life really. As a kid I was really shy, but I found a way to relate to the world as well as express myself through music. We also had a family band called 627  because of my dad,sister, and myself sharing the same birthday on June 27th. There I would sing and also taught myself how to play the drums. Later I ended up becoming a professional entertainer, dancer, and percussionist. I enjoy my Michael Jackson Tribute show as it resonates with my childhood ambition to be able to move an audience with that kind of spirit. There is still so much for me to learn about life, music, and myself. My World Selection of Music show is yet another way for me to expand as an entertainer. I am growing through different perspectives with my lifelong love, and so excited to share this with our listeners.

Nova Murphy
April Murphy
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Writer/Host/ Content /Music Curator/Music Hunter /Social Media Manager

For me listening to a song for the first time is exhilarating. I’m hearing the emotion, figuring out the meaning of the words, my senses feel cohesive and stimulated. Since I’ve been a kid , seeking out that rush has been a passion of mine. I am honored to turn my long time hobby of going to open mic nights and hanging out in studios into a career that lifts new artists into the spotlight.

Come discover your favorite new song! Listen to our original shows, bringing you what you’ve never heard, and thought about.

Our state of the art fully equipped facility and knowledgeable staff, are available to you!

Podcasts/new artists welcome!

Catch me at 6P for the “Nova One Show” where I feature new artists and music from around the world!

As always, thank you for listening to Whole World Radio, we appreciate you!

Paulette Johnson
Paulette Johnson
Writer/Radio Host/Percussionist/Speaker
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I’m LADY J, Host of “PJ’s Music Corner” featuring music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on Whole World Radio. My show airs hard to find, out of print oldies, doo-wop, and chart busters!

I am a percussionist and motivational speaker hailing from Washington DC. I got my start playing drums at age fifteen. At age sixteen, after competing in a talent show where legendary D.C. DJ Mr. C of WOL radio announced my playing on air the following day I was then contacted by the “Soul Vibrations Band and Show,” a band out of Howard University and my career took off from there. Our band appeared in major clubs and cabarets in the DC area.

My motivational speaking brings me great joy! I love making the world a better place with my words, and my energy. I’ll be sharing more with you on “PJ’s Music Corner” along with my personal collection of music that I have been gathering since the age of fifteen.

Join me every day at 4pm and until next time GOD BLESS!

Thanks, LADY J.

Shawn Cornelius
Radio Host/Comedian/Actor/Musician/Writer/Singer Artist
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 Shawn Cornelius is a multi talented entertainer that started doing radio in 2000 in Charleston SC. He would go on to have the #1 slow jam show called "The Calm After The Storm" in the city and remain the host for 5yrs. 

He created "Expressions Of Love & Romance The Radio Show" in 2014 after he wrote his first book of the same title. 

Shawn is a comedian/actor/musician/writer/producer/director/author and singer.

Join him as he takes you on a romantic ride nightly into a love zone. 

Expressions Of Love & Romance
 The Radio Show is a weekly show hosted by 
Shawn Cornelius. 10 -11pm

Hosted by William Raymond

Musicologist/Radio Host/Singer/Writer

     I'm so happy to be able to make my contribution to the new interest and resurgence of R&B music. We can give credit to musical outlets such as Sirius Radio and Pandora musics ,which feature R&B. Cable providers who offer Musesac genres that also include R&B. Oldies shows, along with PBS productions,old concert shows that are now in syndication, like Don kirschner's in concert. This has not always been the case. When a lot of this music was released it went on the charts and it went off the charts into the garbage. Unlike the classical musics that are played in the Lincoln Center, The Opera House and Town Hall all over the country, Rhythm and Blues in terms of historical continuance was practically non-existent. The musical geniuses of R&B, the Curtis Mayfields, the Marvin Gaye's, the Stevie wonder's and the host of many more including the great Thom Bell ,Barry White and Isaac Hayes music could be equal to The Bach's, Handel's,and Beethovens of the world. The music and the history of R&B is alive and it is my pleasure to present it to you here on Whole World Radio. Thank you for listening to William Raymond my show "Rhapsody Symphony and The History of R&B"

Sonya Perry
Radio Host/Journalist/Actress/Singer/Writer/Artist
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My talents take me back to my childhood. Accepted to art school at 13, Started several singing groups, sang with several bands and contributed to a youth gospel choir. All of this by 18! Graduated from Monmouth University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. With a concentration in radio, television, and journalism. I’ve work at several major radio and TV station, in News, entertainment, promotion, and production. I also have a science and chemistry background. I love to sew, read, and meditate. I love all genres of music. World Whole radio gives me the freedom to create.


Hosted by Vernon Jones

Musicologist/Radio Host/Singer/Writer

"A Breath of Fresh Air” with Your Host The Free Spirit Voice Of Reason 

Vernon is a World Class Talent with a Thirst for Life, Learning & Teaching. As a Multifaceted Entertainer he has released an Album of Original Songs that has received international Attention & Acclaim. His Next Musical Projects are Works in Progress. 

Though Music is His Primary Focus, His Thirst For Knowledge & Creative Expression Knows No Bounds. As an Entrepreneur, He Started & Operates a Successful Entertainment Agency Booking Talent in NEPA & was the Exclusive Agency for Mohegan Sun Casino In Pennsylvania, for 5 Years. 

"Breath Of Fresh Air” on WWR will Showcase a Unique Blend & Approach to Storytelling & Entertainment! It will Feature Uplifting Music, Scintillating Thought, Ideas, Interviews & Humor He is Excited to Join Forces with The Team From Whole World Radio & Create & Vibrate. 

Some of His Hobbies include Listening to Music, Reading, Creative Writing, Good Conversation, Travel, Movies & Qi Gong. 

Other projects include Youtube Channels. Books & More! 




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